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Brooks Marsted and his wife Elgin started Corkscrews Wine Storage in 2011.  Brooks has been in the wine world his whole life.  He grew up very close to the wine mecca of California.  Many of his closet friends had parents who worked in the wine industry and most of his weekends growing up involved horsing around in vineyards.  Though Brooks studied finance at the University of Colorado, he always longed for the day to somehow get involved with his passion for wine.  His opportunity came in 2008 when he and his wife decided to leave Denver to open up a small wine shop in Lake Tahoe.  The shop did well and they had an opportunity to sell it in late 2009.  They then headed back to Denver and moved on with their careers.


In late 2011, Brooks recognized a void for a facility providing private, temperature controlled wine storage in Colorado.  After extensive research, he launched Corkscrews Wine Storage.  According to Brooks, "I was having trouble finding a place where I could age some wine, outside of my house.  I was looking for an affordable, secure solution and there was not much out there.  Recognizing that others likely were having the same dilemma, I opened up Corkscrews."  It is a state of the art wine storage facility that offers both convenience and a high level of security.  Over the years, Corkscews has developed a great group of members and we continue to grow quickly.  One of the aspects the members enjoy is the frequent wine tasting events we host in our tasting rooms.  The tastings have proved to be a conducive way for our members to meet other wine enthusiasts like themselves. 



Corkscrews Wine Storage Denver
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Corkscrews Wine Storage Boulder

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